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Finding Information of the Internet can be both fast and easy if you know where to look and it helps to know how to indentify your objective. OMNIport provides THE GREAT LIST for easily accessing subject segments that enable you to quickly link with your objective by using only a few quick clicks.

Caribe Research provides updates to THE GREAT LIST every week in the effort to maintain the most current Resource Directory strictly for the benefit of all inquiring persons over the World. We at OMNIport suggest that you begin your search here.

Caribe Research

P.S. Below we've listed alternative Search Engines that will also serve you well in your search of the World Wide Web community.

To use, enter a topic in space provided and click query to submit a search to the respective search engine. To find out more about the search engines, click on a name to link to its home page.

World Wide Web Search Engines

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HTML Reference Material

HTML, (HyperText Markup Language), is an evolving standard governing the way hypertext objects are created and displayed in World Wide Web browsers. The standards group that governs HTML is the HTML Working Group within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The group works on an open forum basis and is open to the public. The members of the HTML working group work closely with members of W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) to standardize issues related to the World Wide Web.

HTML Reference Material
A Beginners Guide To HTML
HTML 2.0 and Draft HTML 3.0 Specifications
NCSA Tables Tutorial
Creating Forms
A List of HTML Editors

NCSA Mosaic Information

NCSA Mosaic specific information can be found in the Mosaic Help file or on-line at the NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows Home page. If you need help configuring your system for a winsock, check the readme.wri file in the Mosaic directory or ask your Internet access provider for assistance.

NCSA Mosaic is copyright by The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois (UI) , and ownership remains with the UI. The UI grants you a license without a fee the use of Mosaic software for personal, academic, research, government and internal business purposes. If you are interested in more information about licensing Mosaic for distribution see the Mosaic licensing document

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